Did We Really Run?

Yes, we all went and actually had fun running alone and together.

Out of pity or love, my daughter Dagny kept pace with me and Cait and Ana ran as a team.  Cait (who plays field hockey in a competitive New York City league where she has to keep running for an hour) kept pace with Ana and as a perfect coach made her work just a little harder than she might have if she ran with anyone  else.

Oh yeah, the cute young lady running above and goofing in the tutu in the previous post was  a National collegiate All-American in field hockey.  Both Cait and Ana ran faster and longer than I did.

Yes I actually ran and the above picture with reasonable form and a smile was taken just before I quit.  The smile is always there when I’m with my children and grandchildren and I suppose the reasonable form indicates, I probably could have worked a little harder although I am not sure why I would want to.

All in all, it was a pleasant diversion and I actually alternated running 1/4 mile with walking 1/4 mile so I covered the one mile course in about 15 minutes.  Not good enough to be in the Olympics, nor even good enough to win a senior marathon, but definitely good enough to have fun with my family.


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