Rainy Day Adventure – Meatloaf

Rainy days are particularly miserable in winter because there is pretty much nothing to do to really burn a lot of energy so the girls just fuss. Of course I always plan ahead and make sure that there is something that I want to do that will distract them and the easiest is cooking. I had tried meatloaf twice before in the coffeepot and was just dying to get it right. The first two times I tried it (without them), I used a tin can as a mold and the whole mess tasted like nasty plastic.

So on our trip to get my fantastic running outfit, Carson and I looked for the right sized drink mixer and found a stainless steel martini shaker that was the right size. I discarded the top and .punched a whole in the bottom. Anyone interested in the recipe and method can check out coffeepotcooking.wordpress.com for the details.

This blog is about adventures great and small and trust me cooking with kids is always an adventure. It started with neither girl being excited about cooking meatloaf in the coffeepot by using a martini shaker because it was too weird. However, there are certain things that they will do separately or together to help and even learn a little. Ms Ana just loves to use a knife and will happily dice onions much finer than my patience allows.  Turns out Cayla had never broken an egg and was more than willing to try.

Since Ms Ana is always the instigator when it comes to mixing meatloaf or dumplings and she was definitely not interested in making meatloaf in a coffeepot, I got stuck but she did hang around to take my picture and it is a pretty good picture.

Both got involved in opening a can of baked beans and I had to help because they were spending more time fighting over who was going to do the task than actually doing it.

When the meal was done Ana declared that she was not going to eat it and my response was OK go hungry because there was no one else in the house to make her food. Well, Cayla was hungry and started eating and pragmatically asked for her sisters portion which brought Ana back to the table.

They both ate everything and only left me enough to determine that it was actually pretty good.


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