My Kids, You Got To Love Them!

So first my daughter gets me all excited about going to space Camp with my granddaughters and then she and her cousin gang up on me about being fat and having to lose weight. The ultimatum drop 40 pounds or I cant go.

I have to admit that it turned into a fun project. First step was working with a qualified nutritionist to make sure my eating habits were OK. Next was the planning and execution of portion controlled meals which I report on at and after I lost twenty pounds, I joined a gym and worked out 2-4 times a week. I was in such good shape that I was actually able to jog with my daughter, niece, and granddaughter and not embarrass myself.

Like Icarus, my pride got the best of me, I flew too close to the sun and disaster struck. My back gave out and I suffered temporary paralysis. Seems I have an inherited degenerative spine disease and it was going to strike sooner or later so its better it happened at 210 rather than 260 pounds..Since the incident, I have been moping around doing pretty much no vigorous exercise (except sex) for fear of permanently damaging myself. The diet has held because I realize I should probably drop another 30 pounds.

Last Thursday when I was bored and almost feeling sorry for myself and avoiding my young friend who really is more than a little nuts, my son sent me an article about hacking Sous-vide cooking without buying a $700 Sous-vide Cooker. Sous-vide literally means cooking with vacuum.

Naturally, I went out and purchased a vacuum pump, plastic bags and some red meat which I don’t normally have in the house and gave Sous-vide a try in my coffee pot. That took the rest of the day and when I hooked up with a few of my Chef friends, they had never heard of the method.

It is a French method which uses low heat to cook food and is probably illegal to commercially do in many US States including Virginia and the US Virgin Islands. If I were a caterer, I definitely would get more familiar with the method as I believe it could do a better job of preparing properly cooked beef and fish without overcooking.

For home cooking, I believe that beef and chicken are cooked just as well or better with other methods I will be posting on the cooking experiments at

But this blog is about adventures of the body and mind. I definitely would not have dreamed of trying to cook Sous-vide in a coffeepot without the challenge of my son and going to space camp without my daughter sending me the information. Even the timing of my back problem is not an issue. I will see the specialist and have three weeks to get in shape prior to space camp. If there are limits I will know about them prior to my going and therefor have a safer trip even though I am sure I will challenge any limits.

You just got to love my kids the keep me young and bold in body and mind.


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