The St. Croix Vegetable Market


The St. Croix Vegetable Market is one of those places you just have to love. You can go there to socialize and meet old friends, you can go there to talk politics or catch up on news that never made the papers. You can go there to purchase ornamental plants and herbs. You can even go there to purchase fruits and vegetables. The only thing you can’t do is go there if you are in a hurry.

 Whenever my daughter is on vacation, she wants to go and her cousin has learned to love it because it is full of fruits and vegetables you don’t get up north. Cait had a big head start on loving farmers markets. She grew up within 5 miles of dozens of farm markets and her mother or father was always running around to one or the other. The biggest difference between here and there comes because of the small size of our farms, and the culture which means everything is picked fresh and nothing is stored. Now because of temperature shifts, seasonal changes and the amount of water each week you can never be quite sure what you are going to get or how dear the price. Today fruits were in season and cheap.

 I brought eight mangos for $4.00. Four were ripe and would have cost $1 apiece a week ago and 4 were thrown in for free because they were over ripe and good for juice. The yellow fruit in the picture is a carambola which has a star profile and makes a beautiful garnish for fish. They can be sweet or sour and you can’t tell by looking at them. I like the sweet ones and avoid the sour but today it did not matter because I will blend them with the over ripe mango when I make juice and they will be fine. The other fruit is a Java apple which has a crunchy texture like eating flavored air. You could eat them all day and starve to death but they make a pleasant snack.

 I also purchased Arugula, Parsley both a plant and fresh cut, a butternut squash and scotch bonnet hot peppers. There were no cucumbers or tomatoes because it is the wrong season, but that’s part of the adventure when you go to a local Vegetable Market. I have been to the one in Marblehead, Massachusetts with Lauren and Andrew and been to the one in Alexandria VA with my granddaughter’s and Cait, my niece.

 At first, my granddaughters thought it was weird to follow Poppa John around and listen to him talk about all kinds of stuff to various people, but when they found out that their Mom and cousin Cait loved it as an adventure, they decided to join the family and have fun skipping, tasting food, or begging for a piece of fruit or strawberries to take home.

 It’s a good thing I like fruits and vegetables because now that my doctors want me to lose another 30 ponds for a total loss around 65 pounds, I have to start eating like a rabbit instead of a fat savage. Oh well, life is just one adventure after another.


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