I Went to Florida to be Probed by Space Aliens – Day Two

Day two started rather pleasantly as Tracey was on a mission to buy a car and I needed shirts, shorts, socks and underwear and was considering a laptop but Tracey’s mission for a car came first. She found a Chrysler Sebring that was being sold by a lovely and more importantly, honest Real Estate Agent, Tina Capelo of Narzinsky Reality. (To start at the beginning of my Alien Encounter Go Here.)

She admitted that she didn’t know much about the car which actually belonged to her son and the car initially felt rough in the acceleration and steering but once it was fed a couple of tanks of super high-test gas and driven for a while everything smoothed out and Tracey has a very nice starter car. During the test drive, Tina gave us a tour of the area and talked to us about price declines openly and honestly. If I were ever to buy a house in the Clearwater area, I would certainly give her first shot at being my Realtor simply because she’s pleasant and I trust her.

The plan was to dump the rental car as soon in as possible and I walked into the rental office and said I needed a problem solver and the clerk at Enterprise asserted he was one. I told him I wanted to give back the car as I was unfit to drive and I was 30 miles from the airport and at $200 a day for the first two days I didn’t want to pay a drop charge. I also pointed out I was fully insured so my next alternative if I really had an accident was to just walk away from the car and not pay any drop charges anyway. I gave him my best pained expression which really wasn’t too tough. They took back the car without any drop charges.

The rest of the day was spent driving around the Clearwater area shopping until I went to The Imaging Center at 6 pm for the first Day of serious Mind Probing.

The MRI scan was actually three separate scans of ½ hour each. My friend Ted has had MRI’s and he swears his biggest problem, since he is deaf in one ear and as a pilot is not affected by the roar of the machines, is that he falls asleep and when he wakes up startled, he ruins the test. The rest of the world is not so lucky. I asked one technician if there was anybody who couldn’t control their anxiety, and he said no they just put the person to sleep and strap them down. Apparently, I fall between the two extremes but it is a very serious mind control game on my part.

The original plan was to do the three tests separately and this time the ear phones had no music or radio but were only designed to dull the roar of the machine. My panic level started to increase as he locked me into the gurney. First, he put on the earphones and then put my head into a cage and locked my forehead in place. Next was the chin lock which totally immobilized all of the head. After that they strapped my legs down. In the MRI lite test, I had music and a panic button if I felt stressed. This was the real deal and all pretense of niceness was gone.

As I entered the machine in near panic, I found the solution. I have a friend who loves a good massage as foreplay. So I mentally started with reflexology and started massaging the big toe of the right foot, before moving to every other toe. Then the focus was on the ball of the foot and using both thumbs. Next the arch of the foot is massaged using the knuckles and then the heel using the palm to hold the bottom of the heal and the thumb and forefinger to massage the back of the foot.

After completing the first foot I moved to the second. If you have never engaged in the ancient Egyptian art of Reflexology, you should check it out on the web or go to Barnes and Nobel. Your partner will love you even more.

After mentally completing the feet, I mentally massaged both legs and then had her turn over so I could massage her back, spine, shoulder blades, shoulders and neck while taking my time to make sure that her muscles in each area were losing the tenseness just as I had done with her calf and thighs.

I took my time with the mental massage and Reflexology, just as I would in real life. I then helped her turn over and took my time nibbling my way down the front of her body. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that I finished taking care of my friend and myself before the scan was completed.

I was disappointed because, my friend hates being rushed and wants to feel every muscle in her body relax before she makes love. But worse, since I was no longer focusing my attention on my friend, I became aware of my environment. I noticed that there was not the sound of another person in the room and that the machine was the loudest I had ever heard in any other MRI. Moreover, instead of short bursts of noise as in other tests, the loud drone was continuous.

I began to count seconds between the highest and lowest pitches of the very loud noise and figured it was around 80 seconds and that the cycle had repeated about 6 times. I began to panic as I came to believe that the technician had died from radiation poisoning from the out of control machine that I was locked inside and if I survived the ordeal, it would be as a vegetable. I was about to have a panic attack when the machine stopped making noise and the technician started removing me from the machine.

I asked the technician how long had I been inside and he said that it was an hour and ten minutes and he had completed two tests because I was so relaxed. I didn’t bother telling him about my near panic attack but was rather proud that I had not done a mental disservice to my friend.

The final test was actually a little shorter than a half hour. The technician pumped some weird dye through my veins and arteries that would light me up like a Christmas tree and make pretty pictures. They were checking to see the cumulative effect of whether the red wine had defeated the red meat and fat in my diet. In a few days I would find out that the wine had won and my veins were clean.

I was amazed that they had held the imaging center open after hours just for me and the technician was working over time on Friday so that my neurological examine could be completed on Monday.

Unfortunately, I had a minor reaction to the dye and woke up every 30-45 minutes to drink a glass of water. I drank more water that night than I dank last year as I rarely touch the stuff unless I’m sick.

Saturday, Tracey and I went shopping and then we had lunch with the first girl I had ever been in love with who had remained a lifelong friend. It was delightful as the conversation flowed and no one was left out except occasionally me as the two woman ganged up on me. It was all good fun and a delightful day of catching up on our past lives and our new directions. We occupied ourselves with lunch at a Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs and a tour of the cute shops on the dock of the Greek sponge diving industry.  At least in America, Greeks are hard-working and Prosperous unless British petroleum screws them up too.

Sunday, was Tracey’s planned departure date and she had to go because on Monday she was leaving for her vacation in St. Kitts. This would only be a minor inconvenience as my daughter, Dagny was planning to arrive on Tuesday so she could be with me for the surgery.

I Went to Florida to be Probed by Space Aliens – Day Three


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