Space Camp – Day One

Space Camp has some very serious infrastructure and ground support issues but our intrepid group of campers was determined not to let pre-camp issues taint our experience and we are all glad we made that decision. At. The end of Day One, Cait already nominated it for the “Bestest Vacation Weekend Ever”, Cayla seconded the nomination and the vote was declared unanimous,

The space cripple picture in astronaut training jumpsuit and neck-brace is me but much of what goes on is the mental challenges assigned to real astronauts so being handicapped only limited one activity and believe it or not, it was prudence on my part. The actual people who run the program are fantastic and Whitney, our counselor and training instructor is the best.

The program started as soon as we arrived in camp on Friday and is intense. We all got to see Hubble the movie in an Imax theater. Hubble has been shooting images to the edge of space where there are fewer but weirder stars and constellations. The movies was moderated by Leonardo Dicaprio who could well become the new voice of science.

Space camp believes in training by immersion so the first big item was Discovery Mission Training by reading a script and role playing. Gene Krantz would have fired the whole bunch of us as there were quite a few “OOPs”, a few shuttle crashes, MIA’s, and a declaration that the missing astronauts were due to an alien encounter.

Amazingly the team seemed to do best and stop giggling when the simulator posted problems which needed to be resolved. Cait, Dagny, Ana and I were at mission control. Overall there were 14 in our group and I believe everyone was having as much fun as the six of us.

Carson and Cayla were astronauts on the Command Module.

The physical thrill for the day was a ride on the Multi – Axis Device which randomly spins you in multiple directions to simulate the disorientation of a free pin in space. Amazingly no one wobbled or puked not even 7 year old Miss Ana.

Cayla in the Multi Axis machine

Ana in the Multi Axi Machine

Cait in the Multi Axis Machine

Dagny in the Multi Axis Machine

Carson in the Multi Axis Machine

Only the Space-Cripple turned down the free ride. In 6 years Pippa will be ready and I hope Lauren and Andrew and Pippa join us for Space Camp the sequel.  I should be ready for everything by then,  While it is outside their one adult one child design for the program, I am sure if we all behave ourselves they will allow us back as a group.  Of course the way we behave maybe not.


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2 Responses to “Space Camp – Day One”

  1. anne marie Says:

    Thanks for sharing. What fun!

  2. Poppa John Says:

    It is fun. Everyone including me is having a great time. They are great at flexing the program. I walked out on the 3D movie because glasses don’t work when only one eye works.

    If you can walk 5-10 miles over the course of a 14 hour day you should go with your grandchildren and a parent each so you can dump them when you or they get tired. All six of us are in the same room so the parents can’t count this as a romantic get away.

    BTW a rental car is cheaper than the camp bus and it gives you the freedom to find a starbucks in the morning and go out for real non-camp food. Since I am still eating rabbit food and the girls don’t eat much of anything, I stay with them and let Cait, Dagny and Carson go out after 9 pm while I stay in the room and babysit and seep.

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