Space Camp – Day Two

Space camp started with the 6:30 wake-up followed by the 7:00 breakfast. I haven’t had a camp experience in 50 years but memories of the long lines and bad food came back instantly. One woman from another group called it the Space Camp diet program. You get served food you really don’t want to eat, exercise muscles you forgot you had and walk 5-10 miles a day.

Family Rocket Building, Boyd-Evans Clan

Our day started off in a tame manner, we built rocket ships. This was an amazing exercise as we all sat together for 1 ½ hours working on the same projects. Our family is close but no one likes television. We all go on long walks in Old Town Alexandria – Carson doesn’t. We all play table games like Mahjong and Sims, John and Ana don’t. You get then picture, we all are together but under the best of circumstances there is one person who chooses not to do something and there is no peer pressure to join.

More Family Rocket Building

Well, under the direction of Whitney, we all built rocket ships. For the whole time, everyone built their own and helped others build theirs.

Decorating the Rocket Ships

After they were built, more time was spent on the decorations.

Rocket Designers at Work

No one noticed that Miss Ana had designed her rocket in a different manner.

Ana's Unique Design

At first the other kids laughed but Whitney, said since they all pointed in the same direction and the ship was balanced, the ship would make an interesting experiment because there was no safety issues and the rocket would be launched along with the others.

After the rocket building there was a half hour of outdoor sims ie. Simulations. There was the g force machine that spun you fast enough to generate 4 G’s of force which is the gravitational force exerted on astronauts during take off. There was also the space shot which simulates the effect of being blasted into space.

I did a walk away on these high impact events because of my neck but everybody had so much fun that I wasn’t missed.

Next was the training for the Discovery Space Mission which would take place later that afternoon.

This was scripted role-playing and for the younger set it included scientific experiments to bake foam, silly putty and a super-ball that was actually brittle like glass in your fingers but bounced when you dropped it.

Obviously this was the educational part of the program which balanced the physical.

After lunch, we launched the rockets. There seemed to be some variation in the rocket engines at least that was the excuse I used when my rocket failed to achieve orbit.

As it should be, the young become the masters and Cayla’s rocket went higher than mine.

Miss Ana Launches her Rocket

But best of the day was the rocket designed by Miss Ana. We will never know until we fire it a few more times if it was the engine variation or the design which gave her the edge.

There were a few more educational secessions and a briefing on the more complex Mars Mission that we would be working on the next day. But for the kids of all ages, the Indoor Sims were next as the kids got to climb the wall.

Dagny Reaches the Top

Of course Dagny made it to the top.

Cayla Reaches the Top

Followed by her daughter Cayla

Ana Takes Her Best Shot

Then the Intrepid Miss Ana gave it her best shot and did a credible job.

Once again, I skipped the physical activity which as those who know me would tell you, I am glad I was there for the fun but really wished for more participation.

The cerebral event for the day and for many, the last event period because of Fatigue was the Discovery Mission. Only real astronauts got to where the NASA jump suits.

World's Cutest Astronauts

Cait and Ana were Astronauts.

Poppa John and Dagny

Dagny and I were Mission Scientists on the Space Station.

Day 2 ended early for everyone because we were all tired and couldn’t make it past 8 pm.  Dagny took Ana back to the room because she was starting to get cranky and a half hour later, I took Cayla to the room.  There was supposed to be another kids activity but since Ana and Cayla were not there, the other kids decided to delay the activity until the group was all together again.  Obviously that is part of the fun for grown-ups,  watching individuals morph into a team.


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2 Responses to “Space Camp – Day Two”

  1. Katherine Haeusel Says:

    I’m so glad y’all had such a blast! Amazing that you went with the neck brace on, Uncle John!

    • Poppa John Says:

      It’s the other way around, The neck brace is there to serve me and keep me alive when I do stupid things. It would be foolish to believe I will stop doing anything stupid.

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