Space Camp – Day Three

This was definitely my most exciting day at Space Camp but at a horrible price. We darn near brought our counselor Whitney to tears of frustration as our group violated all NASA standards for adherence to the rules of safety. But what pictures, video’s and memories.

A Family of Astronauts

The day started in a normal manner with a scripted mars mission where our family was divided into groups of Astronauts and Mission control staff.

Mission Control Staff

This was followed by a training secession for our Endeavor mission and the mission itself. Ana and Cait were the space walking astronauts and looked fantastic in their space suits. Of course this is exactly when my camera went dead. Dagny captured a video which I have to figure out how to post without spending $59 a year for a video upgrade from wordpress.

We then had a secession called the Magic of Science. The magic moment for me came when normally reticent Cayla volunteered to be on stage in front of an audience and participate in an experiment designed to trick her and get her wet (just like the other experiments did to others). Somewhere in there was a 3-D movie which I walked out on because being blind in one eye, it doesn’t look like the 3-D world I have adapted too and have so much fun in.

Cayla on Stage

The next exercise was called simply the 1/6 chair and it’s supposed to simulate the effect of the moons gravity which is 1/6 earth gravity. Whitney made the horrible mistake of saying that anyone who missed Friday’s multi-axis machine could go first which meant I got to go first and set the very low standard of maximum fun at any expense with minimum adherence to safety rules.

Getting Strapped in for Moon Walking

She knew that she was in trouble when I walked up to do the event with my neck brace on and she quizzically asked “are you sure?” Other than walking, this was to be my first real physical activity and I was positive I wanted to feel the effect of reduced gravity. The purpose of the activity was to learn to propel yourself across the surface of the moon, not to play superman and just jump as high as you could.


So of course after being strapped in, I launched myself into space while screaming “superman” at the top of my lungs.  I was followed by Super Girl


Super Bunny Rabbit

Super Bunny Rabbit

Super Mom

Super Mom

And Super Star

Super Star

Who was Super Happy

Super Happy

The Manned Maneuvering Unit was super uncomfortable as there was no place to put my arms. This was only used in space a couple of times before it was declared unsafe. It was also difficult for me to control as I might be impatient. Carson did it fairly well – either way this was not a major thrill as it moved too slow on earth.

Super Uncomfortable

At the end of the day, our Bunny Rabbit Astronaut was super tired and found a comfortable moon crater to lie down in.

Super Tired


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