Pharaoh, Longevity and BP

Pharaoh was the first widely recognized and influential King of Kings and God of Gods. When the first Pharaoh reigned there were only two prohibitions that would block entry to a happy after life. Thou shall not kill and thou shall not destroy the flow of water in the rivers. In addition to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle expanding life,  for another jump in longevity, I think we have to look backwards in time.

If we think about wars and crime and eliminate them, the life expectancy rises because the victims of murder and war are usually young. And with BP screwing up the gulf, the other prohibition about altering the environment will become obvious.

None of the Talking Heads or college professors have talked about it, but it should be obvious that if the BP oil leak  is as big or bigger than what the Government has been projecting, it is going to foul the beaches of Florida and the western Caribbean and perhaps even the Carolinas.

Forget about the effect of millions of people breathing fouled air, forget about the workers who will have a shorter life due to involvement in the clean-up as they did after 911. These two are obvious

Think about the millions who give up their stress relieving vacations and die of heart attacks. Think about the business owners who go broke and die from the stress. Think about the millions who lose their jobs in the tourism industry. Think of the impact on millions of people who give up on outdoor exercise and move north for the winter. People have been arguing about the environment impact on life expectancy because longevity has been steadily rising for years while the environment deteriorated.

Anybody who has ever experienced a hurricane knows that the rain is salty as the ocean water is sucked into the eye walls of the storm and drops when it hits land. Water is heavier than oil so its reasonable to expect that a gulf hurricane suck up oil and cause oil to rain everywhere from the Yucatan Peninsula to Texas and inland to Oklahoma and Tennessee. Anyone who has experienced a hurricane will also tell you that life expectancy is lowered because of storm related deaths, reconstruction related deaths, stress and a reduction in medical care.

Now for the first time ever, we have an environment disaster that is so large that a careful analysis relative to the rest of the country should settle the argument. It would be interesting to look at the life expectancy of those who skip vacations, work in the cleanup, lose their businesses, get caught in more violent hurricanes, move to a less hospital environment and those who stay compared to what they would have been if BP had not shafted the world with “allegedly” criminal behavior.

If a dead pelican is worth $15,000 how much is appropriate for taking a year off of someones life?

Put into the modern vernacular, Pharaoh’s two rules still make sense.

Thou show not kill and thou shall not screw up the environment.—Maybe the two rules are the same.


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