Is Ordering Pizza Out an Adventure?

Everybody who has followed my cooking blog knows that I go to a lot of trouble to make every meal look pretty. So it annoys me when restaurants just throw food on a plate without concern for presentation. This conversation came up with a professional pizza maker and I said nobody ever listened to what I wanted.

I love my anchovy pizza and especially like it when it looks good.  However, when I tell a server that I want  so many anchovies that it looks like a school of fish swimming in the same direction, I never get it that way. Elaine said she could do it and why don’t I come by her restaurant and she’ll do it my way even though she prefers a star pattern so the anchovies fit more perfectly on each slice.  Well at least she has a pattern and a reason.

When I got to the restaurant late, Elaine was at the bar having a drink with her husband. I expressed my disappointment that she was done for the day and like a true professional she said she would take care of the situation and she did. She said she wouldn’t cook the pie but she would go to the kitchen and tell them exactly what I wanted.  Now my friend didn’t want anchovies but Elain took the situation in hand and we got a beautiful pie  and had a little fun in our lives.

As my Daughter well knows, we can have adventures large and small in every aspect of our lives and as to the pie, it really didn’t matter. If the cook screwed up and made a helter-skelter pie,  we all would have laughed as our somewhat ridiculous request for perfection was once again ignored. Either way it’s a good pie and probably the ignored requests are more the fault of the server than the cooks who all like to things a little different every day.

Anybody who orders a pie with anchovies swimming in a school is probably just having fun. Anybody who gets upset when it doesn’t happen is nuts.


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2 Responses to “Is Ordering Pizza Out an Adventure?”

  1. Jerlyn Says:

    delicious! I miss Anchovy pizza haha

  2. Poppa John Says:

    Since you can buy it in NYC and follow a recipe and make it yourself, I’ll bet its really the adventure you miss.

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