Adventures with Dagny

Evans Road

When Dagny told her friends about the family trip to Space Camp, one of her friends asked if we always went on adventures. Dagny explained that we didn’t always have money for things like space camp, hot air ballooning, and white water rafting but there were always adventures large and small.

At 18 months Dagny wanted to join Andy and I on a Camping trip on our Island and I explained that she couldn’t go because she was too young and no one ever took pampers on a camping trip. She declared she was done with pampers and was trained and she really was. She went and the weekend was full of adventures for both of us.

The first big adventure was when Andy came yelling that Dagny was floating down the river in her life preserver which we had made her wear for safety reasons. When I finally found her she was “happy as could be” just floating down the river and didn’t even get the concept that she had been rescued as we probably didn’t bother explaining it to the happy contented child.

The next big adventure was mine and it occurred when we went to bed. Seems that Dagny declared herself a grown-up and wanted a bunk to herself just like everyone else. I had not planned on this but as she stubbornly kicked me in the back and pushed me, I finally yielded and slept on the floor of the lean-to without blanket or mattress.

We spent a lot of time on the river fishing, floating in tubes, camping and soaking on hot nights. When we first moved to St. Croix, we had little or no money and Andy became Andrew as he gave up on adventures to play man. Meanwhile Dagny and I would wander wherever and whenever we liked. We would head to the beach or a walk in town, stop by a friends house or go to a beach bar where I could get a beer. We had no idea what we were going to do when we left home on an errand and I believe that Dolores would send us on a mission just to get rid of us so she could have quiet time.

With Dagny and I everything was an adventure. Thank God, now that Andrew has Pippa, he is engaging in building Castles, Fighting Dragons and putting out fires. All are credible solid adventures for 3 year old Pippa.

Now the night before they cut my throat, Dagny and I decided that a pleasant “Last Supper” would be in order and we headed to Red Lobster because Dagny had never been and I was in the mood for seafood. It was a pleasant meal with a few glasses of wine and when the waiter found out the purpose of the celebratory feast, he declared us both nuts: Me for drinking and eating prior to major surgery and Dagny for celebrating with her Dad. Regardless, no one at Largo Medical Center cared about our antics because I was done eating at 6:30 pm and done drinking by 9 pm well within their guidelines for preoperative behavior.

Dagny knows that I almost always have a camera in my pocket and that was the basis of the challenge. We had discovered that the road north of the read lobster was called Evans Road and that her daughters would appreciate a picture. Could I make my cheap camera shoot a credible picture in bad light from a few hundred yards away that would be good enough to show my granddaughters.

I really didn’t know the answer because telephoto and electronic enhancement is always a challenge with all the things that can go wrong such as shaky hands, poor contrast, etc. But then who cares because with the electronic cameras working on memory cards, if you don’t like it don’t print it.

I would not know until after I left the hospital because as we completed our mini adventure, I promptly put my camera aside and was operated on the very next morning and forgot all about it.

The purpose of little adventures and taking the time to do weird things is the joy of doing it, not the outcome.


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