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Cooking Adventures with my Grandaughters!

August 29, 2010

While on vacation with me, my Granddaughters love to cook during quiet time. I enjoy it because once they choose the recipe and cook the meal, they eat it without argument. For the most part, they choose meals that are weird and fun to make so we may end up eating various forms of chicken for six days in a row. The only limits I make on the selection process is that it must be real food that I like and we can’t have the same meal every night. The only concessions I make are that I leave out the scotch bonnet pepper and if Cayla chooses a recipe that is really spicy, I may make an alternate meal for Ana.

Pot Roasted Chicken, Ready to Serve!

They prefer the coffeepot for both the weird factor and the convenience. Once the pot is stuffed and turned on, we can go to the beach or do what ever else we want.  One of their favorites and mine is Coffee Pot – Pot Roasted Chicken.

Rot Roasted Chicken Ingredients

The most amazing part is that all of the ingredients actually fit into the coffeepot.

All In The Pot

The chicken is actually a Cornish hen and the onion, garlic and celery mixture is stuffed inside, but it even amazes me that it fits and the girls are fascinated. And yes, if the original recipe calls for Cruzan Rum, I cook with it.

The Girls Checking the Pot, Again

Of course, they ate every single piece of chicken and potatoes and they know that their Mom always saves the juice to make soup so of course they wanted to make soup for the next day so they could make the dumplings. Now no matter how many times I carefully pre-measure the water and tell them to slowly add it to the flour to avoid a sticky mess, they always dump it in and play and I have to help in the end. I cant complain, their dumplings always come out perfect even if the process is a little messy.

Fun Making Dumplings

Of course this had to be done on the stove top to get it hot enough to cook dumplings and, I had to add more chicken, potatoes, broth and the dumplings to build a full pot of soup which only lasted the one day. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention and get a picture of Cayla making a rue to thicken the gravy. I doubt that many of her friends know what a rue is.

Rasta Pasta and Chicken

Another smash hit was Rasta Pasta which has summer squash and green bell peppers and I used Wacky Mac veggie pasta. When I described the meal to a friend, he asked for a sample and there was nothing left. They had it for dinner and then lunch the next day and finished all the pasta and sauce. I am not sure if I agree with purely vegetarian meals for young people because my Mother swore more than a half a century ago that protein was essential for brain development so I still make sure the kids get a portion of meat for dinner and they can eat their nutritionally worthless cereal and jelly bread sandwiches the rest of the day.