Pippa and Her iPad

Sketch of Pippa for Kindle Book

This past summer has been a constant series of adventures with my children and grandchildren. We did the Air and Space museum, a trip to King Richards Festival, hikes to Annely Bay and Steer Swamp but one of my favorites was my first Kindle Book. Seems that Kindle is not yet a venue for kids picture books while the iPad is way ahead for very young children age three and up.

Focused on Her Work

I was so totally fascinated by watching my granddaughter Pippa use an iPad that I decided to capture it in a Picture Book for Kindle which I am led to believe is one of the first picture books designed and written specifically for kindle. The book is called “Pippa and Her iPad” and is available through the Kindle Book Store.

Now, Pippa’s computer literacy at age three shows the roots of the digital divide and how many communities will be left hopelessly behind for lack of Internet Access and individual families will be left behind because of the affordability factor although I am not convinced that cost alone is a real issue. In designing this book I used a Kindle download for my PC and have never even touched a real kindle.

Once you download the Kindle application for your pc, you can download millions of free books in addition to purchasing my book from the Kindle store for $2.99

The reason that there are so many poor picture books is because there are so many versions of Kindle and designing graphics for the Kindle is akin to designing for the Internet 15 years ago when everybody had dial-up accounts that were slow. My book looks great on my PC Kindle application and looked great on the Kindle design program but there have been so many Kindle advances that the original Kindle leaves hanging words for the next page because of the smaller screen size.

Pippa shows her Nani how to use an iPad

I have thought about a work around for my next book but don’t have any intentions of redesigning for the oldest Kindle Readers. Some of the pictures I used as a basis for the art work  show you how intensely Pippa works with her iPad and how she loves to show gown-ups her computer skills.


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