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The Great Christmas Eve Flat Bread Pizza Challenge!!

December 25, 2010

“Celebration of the Caribbean Sun”

It’s Christmas Day so of course we had Champagne and pizza last night to Celebrate Christmas Eve. My niece Cait, who had just arrived from DC, and we decided to have fun making them. We planned and executed “The Great Christmas Eve Flat Bread Pizza Challenge.” We started by going to the store where we both brought our favorite ingredients but the rule was that we could use each others ingredients. Since there is noting tough about making flat bread pizza the goal was not to make the tastiest pie but the best looking one.

We both worked our art in secrecy and then placed them on the pan for cooking.

Since Cait had just come down from the miserable weather in the Northeast, she made her pie a celebration of the sun using turkey pepperoni, red onion, and red and yellow peppers. She managed to fit four suns on an 8 inch pie. I made my Santa’s helper with the turkey pepperoni, stuffed Spanish olives, yellow pepper, and anchovy stuffed with capers. We both used the tomato sauce and sliced fresh mozzarella.

“Santa's Helper”

We both ate our own creation but never did declare a winner. She actually believed that her “Celebration of the Caribbean Sun” was superior to my “Santa’s Helper” so there is no accounting for taste in art. But they were fun to make and eat.

Another very successful Christmas Eve celebrated in the Boyd Family Tradition.

Merry Christmas to all and Peace on earth to men of goodwill.


The Dear of St. Croix

December 4, 2010

I guess that when my wife was alive I still talked to all the other dears in my life. Now that she is dead, it is ironic that this is the only deer that listens to me and doesn’t run when I talk to her and tell her how beautiful she is. Without further comment, I present my new dear.

This is my back yard and she is about 50 feet away and I took her picture and talked to her for about a half hour I used to do this when Dolores was alive and she thought I was nuts back then. I guess nothing much has changed. I am starting to see my dear on a daily basis..

The Life and Most Surprising Adventures of Zachary H

December 2, 2010

On my recent vacation, I had the opportunity to explore the great island of St. Croix in the Caribbean Sea. Before I embarked on any great adventures, my skills of survival were to be tested although my great Uncle John differed with that description. His point was if there is no failure allowed, there can be no test so we settled on describing my meeting each challenge as a right of passage.

The Artifical Wall

The first adventure was the artificial rock wall which was easy despite having no safety harness.

Hand over Hand

Then it was hand over hand across the drop.


Until you returned to the starting point by way of the fire poll.

At The Fire Poll

After that the challenges got increasingly dangerous as I climbed a real cliff to the top of the mountain without safety harness and with loose stones everywhere. I was only the fifth person to achieve this feat and the other four were grownups.

Climbing a Real Cliff

The next challenge was my favorite as I crossed the ravine on a zip slide, once again there was no safety harness or mats to either stop or cushion a fall but which never happened as I held on for the ride.

The Zip Slide

After all that work I became famished and decided to cook some Mac and Cheese from Scratch.

Mac & Cheese from Scratch

Of course a real explorer uses what ever tools are at his disposal and I used my Uncles’ coffeepot as he is prone to do.

Coffeepot Mac & Cheese

That afternoon I decided to do battle with Poseidon and went into the rough surf somewhat reluctantly while my father and Uncle charged in. The next day I was the one to charge into the sea as my Uncle gingerly entered because he said it was cold. I told him it was his Karma to be punished for teasing me the day before about my reluctance to enter the rough and dangerous sea.

Ras Lumumba & Zack

There were other adventures and places visited but one of my favorites was a trip to the Rain forest where I met a Rastafarian Ras Lumumba) who taught me about his beliefs and about all the plants and insects of the forest.

On The Great Swing

Along the 4 mile hike, I climbed the tree house and the huge swing.

Helping to Hoist the Main Sail

Another of my favorites was a trip on the Roseway where I helped the crew hoist the sales.

Captain of My Destiny

After that I took the helm and assumed my position as Captain of my own Destiny.

My apologies to Zack as this is really his Uncle,  Poppa John who is living vicariously through the eyes of his 10 year old Nephew.  It was a great vacation for all.

Hey Zack, I hope I didn’t misrepresent any thing you said or did.