This site is really starting with a rant and a plea for help. I spent the morning at AARP and discovered that I was too young to be old. There was lobbying information, health care, Medicare, Obama care, and estate planning. The last one is easy, I hope to bankrupt my estate by going on family adventures and just before I die max out my American Express on a trip to space.

What the hell, it’s a plan and if I am not destitute from my own foolishness, the government and the baby boomers will ruin my life as the social security fund goes bankrupt but it doesn’t mater too much because the $1400 a month will not cover my food and beverage requirements, let alone adventures and debauchery.

When my wife joined AARP 10 years ago, there was a bunch of information on normal Americans going on and planning great family adventures. Now, there is an article a month on some rich famous healthy person slowing down at 50 to smell the roses. That is the same roses I spent a lifetime enjoying without their money. This blog is my last rebellion, my last hurrah fighting a battle I cannot win but will die valiantly trying to enjoy adventures for the rest of my life.

I always did enjoy a good fight.

Over the past few years, my family and I have gone hang gliding, both off the dunes of Kitty Hawk and mile high. We have gone kayaking in the Alligator River of North Carolina, we have been white water rafting on an Olympic course, canoeing down the Shenandoah, picking up Indian relics in St. Croix and kayaking on the Caribbean sea. We have been jet skying parasailing, hot air ballooning, and more. We are planning dinosaur hunting, space camp and soaring in a moterless plane. We also do museums, planetarium and Shakespeare at the Kennedy Center.

Nothing at the AARP site excited me. The site was like a poster child for an insurance site and healthy living so they can delay paying death benefits. Hell, Web MD excites me more. The only intelligent group I saw at AARP was a 50 year old who wanted to know if she should have her first child.

At fifty, I would have said hell yes because my life expectancy was 35 more years,. Now that its down to 20 years, and I have seen my grandchildren suffering over the loss of my spouse of 43 years, I will probably take a pass on this last great adventure but not condemn anybody who from family history has a greater expectancy for a longer healthy life.

My daughter was talking to a coworker about space camp and our family adventures and she was asked if we always had adventures like that. Dagny explained that we didn’t always have money but if you counted all the small adventures like snorkeling, long walks, hunting Indian relics and even taking a roundabout way and taking 3 hours to get a loaf of bread then yes there were always adventures great and small.

This blog is about health, happiness, and adventures great and small.

If anyone has family adventures to share I would love to hear from you. Kids will make their own adventures, it is up to grandparents too join the fun and encourage them.


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