How to Make a Woman Happy

Female Relationship Pain

When second guessing  a current relationship, a women should evaluate her current level of relationship pain: look at the list below to see how her boyfriend has to adapt to her needs to make her happier and if she chooses, where is she going to find the time and energy to develop a new relationship that might make her happier.

How A Man Can End a Woman’s Suffering.

(numbers below correspond to the existing pain level above and are the actions to be taken by a man to reduce a woman’s pain)

10. Just shut up and listen. Life is not all about you and your needs.

9. Leave her alone for awhile, let her nap and forget about the kids, her jobs, money problems, car problems, your problems and the problems of day to day living.

8. Even if you really don’t care, use your computer or a calendar to remember special days, her birthday, her kids birthdays, your anniversary etc.

7. Start showing some genuine concern for her and her kids and start worrying about how to make their life better. If they are happy and safe, she’ll make you happy.

6. Listen to her and think about what you might give her to make her happy to remember today as special instead of one more day in life. How about a rose, an orchid, a $10 teddy bear, $20 worth of lingerie, $20 worth of sexy underwear just any little thing that would make her feel special.

5. Spend a special day being together at the beach, swimming, walking the mall, canoeing, going to a Museum and just having low cost fun.

4. Take her out for a special luncheon or dinner. Check to make sure she has clothes to wear that are appropriate for the occasion. If not help her buy them. Remember, she wants to save her money to feed and cloth her kids, it’s your job to take care of her.

3. When you make love to her stop rushing it and taking care of yourself, massage her feet if she wants, massage her body, take your time, nibble on her everywhere, make her tingle, take your time. You will both be rewarded for your extra effort.

2. At a minimum of once a year, take her and her kids on a special adrenalin filled adventure to the caves of Puerto Rico, to the luminescent bays, to Disney World and Harry Potters World, Hang gliding, parasailing white water rafting. Help her do it all and create memories for her and her kids that will last a lifetime. You will become part of everyone’s life.

1. Occasionally, take her on a special adventure alone. Rome in fall , Paris in spring, London in summer or a cruise in winter. Keep the romance alive at every age.

0. Make every one of her days special so she wants to remember them all.


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  1. anne Says:

    Will you marry me?

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