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Bioluminescence in St. Croix

February 2, 2011

Last night was one of those old fashioned nights which started with cooking S’mores over an open fire at Altona Lagoon. People were fishing for shrimp which were jumping all over the Lagoon and were being harvested by the bucket full. Then it was off to explore the Sea of Fire with Brice of “Sea – Thru Kayaks VI”. Seems that Vieques is not the only place in the Caribbean with a bioluminescence Lagoon and our own effort in St. Croix is really incredibly impressive.

From the bridge where the fishermen and campers gather, you must paddle to the other end by the Buccaneer Gate being careful to avoid the shrimp jumping into your Kayak and the iguana poop from the trees above but once you reach the other end, the experience is fantastic. As a matter of fact, Kayaking in the dark was pretty impressive on it’s own. When you reach the end and put your hand in the water and swirl it around, it looks like the sea is on fire with a bright blue-white light. Every time you paddle, the sea lights up and if you take a handfuls and sprinkle it on your legs, it looks like the Milky way is on your thigh.

This stuff is totally non toxic and safe to eat or drink and if you care to drink any water from the lagoon at all, it won’t be this stuff that kills you. Our guide Brice loves to talk and knows all about this stuff and it’s medical uses. He loves, nature and his job and was fun to spend a couple of hours with. Despite his love of his see through Kayaks, it is more Brice’s knowledge that enhances the experience than anything else. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to photograph but the memories are there.

Actually, I knew this stuff was there because my friend Chino and I used to take a six pack down to the Lagoon and swim on the sea side of the bridge to the Lagoon on moonless nights when the tide was going out. This blue stuff would cling to plants and other floating stuff and swirl around you. It is kind of a cool effect.