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StarLite Adventure with Dagny

July 2, 2010

Dagny asked where I wanted to go for Dinner on her last day here. We were not cooking in the hotel room because she was poor, we were doing it for the adventure. Since food and money were not really issues as I am still trying to lose weight, I opted for a 2 ½ hour Smooth Jazz Lunch aboard the StarLite. This moderately priced adventure features “Ken and Barbie” singing and playing guitar music that occasionally sounded like jazz but was really closer to piano bar pleasant.

Dagny & Dad Start our Cruise

The ship left from Clearwater Beach which is a pristine, clean. Florida beach (at least until, BP and a Hurricane make land). The ship loaded on time and left on time and the waitress started tanking her orders from patrons. Of course, we disrupted the flow by having our picture taken and she didn’t mind at all.

The cruise along the inland water way was fairly typical for the genera pointing out housing occupied by philanthropists and the rich and shameless. We skipped desert and headed to the Ca pain’s Wheel House and started to walk in and say hello. The first door was locked but that didn’t deter Dagny as she went around to the other side of the cabin and knocked on the door and we were admitted. Of course, I had to take a picture to prove our presence and Captain Mark approved.

Dagny & Captain Mark

Actually the welcoming speech had invited everyone up to say hello to the Captain but we seemed to be the only ones who actually went. Their was only one other person who was acting like she owned the boat and that was a teenage girl who had moved a chair to the upper deck rail and was lounging with her feet on the rail watching the tide, time and boats pass by.

I totally approved and hope she has a life of adventure. I mean what’s the point of spending $10 on a cruise if you don’t act like you own the ship.

My Serious Daughter

I captured this picture of my daughter at the start of the cruise. She makes me laugh and we have a great time but when required she can be very intelligently serious. I am not sure what had her so attentive but would like to believe she was describing her fathers virtues to a sweet young waitress.